Wow, life has been a whirlwind lately hasn't it? I have had a lot of clients reach out and ask about their spring sessions. I posted on FB a few days ago about this topic, but I wanted to follow up with you all. Information is coming in so quickly, it's hard to keep up. We have breaking news every few minutes it seems. For now, spring sessions (Bluebonnets March 29th/April 4th/5th/11th) (FB group Easter/Ducks April 4th) are still happening as scheduled. Spring Floral Hoop sessions will be rescheduled due to the weather. 

I am comfortable with the settings of these sessions, as they are secluded and outdoors. I will keep my distance and ask that each family stick to their time slot and stay in their vehicle until the family before them has departed. If you don't feel safe being in public, by all means do what you need to do to keep your family safe. Bluebonnets come around once a year and these are super short, twenty minute sessions. 

I have openings for April 11th bluebonnet sessions, unicorn sessions and The Sandlot: Baseball Minis! I know it seems scary right now. We are all of a sudden faced with school closings, isolation, vacation plans ruined etc. I want you to know that your family's health and safety is very important to me! I want to be very clear on that. I also don't want us to live in fear and panic. I'm a small business owner and I depend on each and every client and booking to feed my children. I have to trust that things will pick up and we will all be fine. I will continue to monitor the COVID-19 virus situation and update you all accordingly. All we can do is follow the recommendations, avoid crowds, wash our hands and pray! Please don't forget to support your local small businesses if you are able to. One great way to support them is to purchase a gift certificate to use in the future! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I cherish you all dearly and pray for your health and well being.


I'm using this extra time to spend with my five children. This is usually a very busy season for me and I miss out on a lot with them because of my schedule. I'll see you all soon! -Jenn

(I'll leave you with some of my favorite spring session images!)